Name: Iron >> Gold
Price: 6.00 EUR
  • What is the Gold donator rank?
    Gold is one of our mid-range donator ranks. Our Donator ranks provide the player with a bundle of features that could also be acquired seperately as a package. Depending on what rank you buy you will unlock more features for yourself. Gold, being one of our mid-tier donator ranks, will unlock the following features listed below.

  • Unlocked features:
    • Special Gold rank prefix
    • Special Donator tag on Discord
    • All features prior to this rank
    • [NEW] 8 sethomes
    • [NEW] 10 Auction house slots
    • Keep exp on on death
    • [NEW] Access to the gold kit and all prior in-game and donator kits
    • Mine and place mob spawners
    • See where you died
    • Access to all marriage features
    • Set a colorful nickname
    • Modify positions of armorstands
    • [NEW] Edit already placed signs
    • [NEW] Open a merchant trade window
    • [NEW] Have a litter of chicks as a pet
  • Unlocked commands:
    • /skull = the ability to acquire any skull/head
    • /compass = set your compass to point to your current location
    • /feed = satisfy your hunger
    • /hat = the ability to equip the item in your hand as a hat
    • /me = special type of colored messages in chat (not to be abused)
    • /recipe = view the recipe of the item held in your hand
    • /sit = the ability to sit anywhere
    • [NEW] /fix (armor) = fix/repair the item held in your hand and the armor you have equipped
    • /fly = the ability to fly
    • /armorstand = modify the position of the armorstand you're looking at
    • /nick = Set a nickname