We're glad to see you've found your way to our Donation store and we hope you're interested in taking a look at what we've got to offer. Before you actually buy something from our store we would like to share with you, why we actually have a store in the first place. We started this server with the idea of it being as good as entirely community run. This means server development entirely depends on our community's wishes and desires. We will try to develop the server to match these wishes and desires as much as possible to grant an experience our community would like to have.

Now to the items we offer for sale. We offer quite a variety of items in order for everyone to be able to get what they want. We offer server unique ranks. Those are essentially bundles that include a bit of everything on the server you purchased a rank on. Besides our server unique ranks we also offer addons, which are complete packages that would normally be given in bits and pieces with the global ranks. Last but not least we also offer a variety of keys on our server, that can also be acquired through voting on our server.

Our main ambition was that the server could be entirely self sustaining and we're glad to say we've finally reached that goal. This makes us, NRG management, want to look further and start working on things that will improve everyone's experience on NRG even more. A few prime examples of things we are looking to improve with your support are our current website and the facilities we use to host all of the NRG related things on. So far we've been able to expand these facilities once, which will be visible when we release our new website. 

So before you actually donate something, we would like to already thank you for considering to donate to keep this amazing server and community up and running and support it's future development. 

- NRG Network Management

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